My name is Xan and I LOVE MY LIFE 😀

I also love a challenge, so I’ve decided to try P90X. My husband is game to adjust his diet, too, to make it easier for me (and he’ll be joining in the workout program after he completes his masters in May).

I’ve always been more on the athletic side…I ran track and cross country in high school, and cheered from middle school through college (basing, tumbling, and jumps were my strengths). After college, I kept in decent shape by staying active. Check out my personal experiences with P90X.

As for my personal experiences with life, in general, my husband is my favorite…he always makes me smile. My family and friends round out my existence and I would feel lost without them. I love science…and archaeology and caves and heights and the ocean and rocks and reading the dictionary for fun. I can always be entertained by science fiction or classic movies…I love Cary Grant, Danny Kaye, and I believe Audrey Hepburn is the epitome of sophistication and classic elegance. I love hugs and sunshine and smiles…they’re even better when enjoyed simultaneously.

And as I said before, I love a challenge and as life is pretty challenging, I conisder it a blessing.